I'm an Australian native English speaker, and a teacher of English. I'm currently living and teaching in Peru.

Hablo español: viajo por los 20 meses pasados en América Latina y ahora estoy en Perú enseñando inglés.

Falei bem português quando estive no Brasil por sete meses no Rio, mas agora é muito difícil porque minha cabeça está pensando em espanhol. Voltarei ao Brasil nas semanas que vêm. Depois de visitar Iquitos vou ao Brasil pelo rio Amazona.

Et je parlé le françias quand j´habité en France en 2004 mais maintenant je peux lire seulmente un peu, plus ou moins.

I was learning Arabic for several months last year, and am concentrating on that now, because after Brazil I will travel across North Africa. I'll have to relearn my French too.

And, I studied Japanese for 5 years in high school - and spoke astonishingly well when I was in Japan 10 years after finishing school. As a background task I am relearning with Pimsleurs, and Michel Thomas among other things, and of course with Heisig and Anki, because eventually I will get back there.

I've worked using Spanish and Portuguese, speaking, and writing, both in communicating with co-workers, and clients, and writing and translating into English.

In my pre-teaching and travel life I was last a Senior Software Engineer at The Boeing Company.

May 2009


That was all a long time ago. Now I'm a Technical Writer and English Teacher, back in Brisbane. Speaking only Spanish at home, always working on improving my French, and spending most of my time playing with my little boy.

January 2017

In the mountains of Peru, May 2009.

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