Anki Kanji Version 2...

  • The primitive for turtle is given as portent (兆). Portent should be the full character.
  • Add character for bow (弓) as a primitive.
  • Add character for vermilion (朱) as a primitive.
  • Remove the page 175 version of heavens. (The page 176 version is the primitive).
  • Remove Old West from the 390 primitive that is regular west.
  • The primitive clothesline on page 398 shouldn't have a tick like potato on page 399.
  • Replace stream (top) with something that is actually at the top of the character.
  • Add the character for people (民) as a primitive.
  • Rename whisky bottle primitive to liquor bottle.
  • Add the character for husband (夫) as a primitive.
  • Rename the primitive for Reclining to Reclining, Lying Down.
  • Remove .svn folder from release zip file.
  • Released: 3 July 2009

Keyboard Layouts Version 1...

  • Released: 29 December 2017

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