Here you can find an Anki Deck containing the Primitive Elements from James W. Heisig's excellent book Remembering The Kanji I.

The deck contains the more than 340 primitives and Kanji used as primitives mentioned in volume 1. Please send corrections to me using the Feedback page so that I can get updates out as soon as possible.

And BTW, please link to this page instead of distributing copies of the download so that anyone downloading will get the latest version.

Note: The deck is based of the the 4th Edition of the book.

The image below is Anki in a review of the primitives, running on Kubuntu Linux configured to use the excellent aqua_pfont handwriting font.

On the front side of each card are Heisig's mneumonics, and the page number where the primitive is introduced. The primitives on the reverse side of each card are images directly from the book.

(The page numbers in the Primitive Elements Index and the pages on which they are actually found in the 4th Edition are not all correct and I have hopefully included the correct page numbers for all cards).

For learning to write Japanese I recommend the brilliant Kanji Stroke Order font by Tim Eyre, and for practicing reading Japanese I recommend the aqua_p Japanese hand writing font, and for more advanced decks the AoyahiKouzan font brush written font. It's never too early to start reading hand writing.

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